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How is Edicom supporting the uptake of eInvoicing in Europe?

How is Edicom supporting the uptake of eInvoicing in Europe? As electronic invoicing becomes mandatory for Member States in the European Union, the need to implement a compliant solution both for public entities and private companies interested in public procurement has arisen. In April 2019, the Directive 2014/55/EU entered in force for central government bodies. […]

Join the HOSP&INVOICE Open Conference on eInvoicing

Next Tuesday, July 30th at 11 am (CEST), an online Open Conference will be held in order to present the results of the CEF Telecom funded European project “HOSP&INVOICE”, in which 36 hospitals, located in Austria, Belgium, Italy and Hungary, adopted the European standard for electronic invoicing (EN) by implementing the EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform […]

Hosp&Invoice eInvoicing project has reached the expected results

The HOSP&INVOICE project has implemented an eInvoicing solution for 36 hospitals from Belgium, Austria, Hungary and Italy. Each hospital is now able to receive and process cross-border electronic invoices, complying with the European Standard as mandated by the eInvoicing Directive (2014/55/EU). EDICOM, who coordinated this project, supported the clients to follow the EU eInvoicing Directive […]

Hosp & Invoice face to face meeting

Next October, 25th at 9:30 to 11:30, EDICOM will preside the face-to-face meeting to present the current Hosp&Invoice project approved by the European Commission. This session will gather 36 Public Hospitals’ representatives of 5 EU country members (Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Italy and Spain). EDICOM and Universitat Politécnica de València are administrative project manager organizations of […]

Hosp & Invoice project has just started!

The Hosp&Invoice project for electronic invoicing started on July 1st, 2018. Hosp&Invoice project has been funded by the Connecting Europe Facility Programme (CEF), with aiming to ease the adoption of the eInvoicing by 36 Public Hospitals: 14 from Italy, 12 from Belgium, 9 from Hungary and 1 from Austria prepared to the eInvoicing European Norm […]