Promote and accelerate the uptake of eInvoincing

Integrate tools in the beneficiaries' ERP systems (enterprise resource planning) that will use the EDICOM eInvoicing platform. This will promote and accelerate the use of eInvoicing mainly in the health sector in compliance with the requirements of the Directive 2014/55/​​EU (eInvoicing Directive).

Enhance interoperabillity

The final user entities will develop their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software integrating the semantic model of the European standard. Afterwards, automated interoperation and intercommunication will be performed through the EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform and its PEPPOL Access Point.

eInvoicing Services

This project will allow 15 beneficiary entities, mainly from the health sector, to adopt the EN standard in terms of electronic invoice. Among these users are: 12 hospitals  (from Hungary, Slovakia and from Belgium) will be able to receive compliant invoices, whilst 3 other entities (suppliers of Portuguese and Italian hospitals and a French university) will become both senders and receivers of electronic invoices.


To solve the whole complexity related to intercommunication and data integration, the consortium is coordinated by EDICOM, as Certification Authority and qualified Trust Service Provider (according to EU Regulation 910/2014), and will employ the EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform, used by more than 15.000 companies all over the world.

EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform is an interoperable platform that is already available as a node in the PEPPOL network, so the End Users are in communication with their partners (buyers or sellers) from all over the world, through secure protocols guaranteed by EDICOM as a qualified Trust Service Provider. The project is also based on the PEPPOL specifications considering that all participants will use a PEPPOL Access Point to communicate with others to exchange the electronic invoices.

Elaboration of a market analysis and a business plan to ensure the sustainability of the project by taking advantage of the beneficiaries entities to engage new public authorities after the end of the project.

Agreement number: INEA/CEF/ICT/A2016/1333510
Action number: 2016-EU-IA-0096
Start date: 01/09/2017
Duration: 18 months
Grant: 1,010,306 EUR
The coordination of this project will be done by EDICOM

INEA Action website: https://ec.europa.eu/inea/en/connecting-europe-facility/cef-telecom/2016-eu-ia-0096

Increase user awareness developing a communication plan to business, public authorities and other stakeholders in the health sector, based on a successful deployment of the solution during the project.

Main Activities

Project Coordination

This activity includes the entire planification of the Project, it will also give support to the partners and will guarantee that all the control mechanisms are being applied according to the Quality Assurance Procedures. The coordination activity will be carried out out mainly by EDICOM, with the administrative and financial support of VALTIVA and UPV.

Technical and legal requirements and support to the implementation

This activity will aim to complete the adoption of the European Standard on electronic invoicing from the whole Consortium.

The hospitals, supported by EDICOM, Asseco-SK and Asseco-HR, will identify the technical and legal requirements to be followed for the implementation in their systems, taking into account both the priorities of the CEF eInvoicing call and the evolution of the CEF eInvoicing, the CEF eDelivery building blocks and associated services.

The hospitals, supported by the corresponding managers, will implement in their technical and legal requirements. Each beneficiary will adopt the EU standard and will review the eIDAS Regulation and the national transcriptions of the EU eInvoicing Directive 2014/55/EU in their Member State context.

The technical manager, EDICOM, will apply guidelines to the participants' implementation and tests, contacting the European Commission when necessary, to review technical issues and define which evidences will be required to demonstrate the action´s results and each beneficiary eInvoicing solution. UPV and VALTIVA will also support the rest of the participants from a technical point of view.

Project Implementation

Fifteen entities of the Consortium, mainly coming from the Public Health area, are expected to implement electronic invoice solutions. Each participant will develop a software integration of the European standard semantic model to comply with the Directive 2014/55/EU. The interoperation and intercommunication processes will be carried out within the EDICOM B2B and will also use PEPPOL Access Points to the exchange of the electronic invoices.

The eInvoicing solution of each use case will be implemented in accordance with its ERP system and eInvocing provider platform. Each implementation will be carried out separately in different processes of integration, intercommunication, map transformation and validation, and tests for exchanging different invoices formats using PEPPOL, user evaluations and report certifications.

Project Dissemination

The objective of this activity is to disseminate the results achieved in order to promote the initiative at European level. The dissemination aims to make the project sustainable in the future by promoting the adoption of EN by suppliers and customers. This will also consist of the beneficiaries' communications with their own clients, businesses and partners.

Several channels will be used to increase the visibility of the project and reach a greater audience of potential users of the platform. These channels are: a website dedicated to the project, as well as to different social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn. It will also include participation in conferences, meetings and other events to disseminate the results of the action and to promote eInvoicing.

-EDICOM CAPITAL S.L. (EDICOM) - established in Spain (Coordinating Institution)
-Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) - established in Spain
-Valencia Interactiva, S.L. (VALTIVA) - established in Spain
-Universite De Besancon Franche-Comte (UFC) - established in France
-SUCH - Serviço de Utilização Comum dos Hospitais (SUCH) - established in Portugal
-Jorge S. Coelho & Associados - Consultores de Gestão, Lda. (SISCONSULT) - established in Portugal
-Asseco Central Europe, A.S. (Asseco - SK) - established in Slovakia
-Nemocnica svätého Michala, a.s. (SKMBP) - established in Slovakia
-Asseco Central Europe Magyarorszag Zrt. (Asseco -HU) - established in Hungary
-Szent Borbála Kórház (Borbála) - established in Hungary
-Bugát Pál Kórház (BPK) - established in Hungary
-Markhot Ferenc Teaching Hospital and Outpatient Clinic (MFTH) - established in Hungary
-Soproni Erzsébet Oktató Kórház és Rehabilitációs Intézet (Soproni) - established in Hungary
-Baja Szent Rókus Kórház (Baja) - established in Hungary
-Uzsoki Utcai Kórház (Uzsoki) - established in Hungary
-Péterfy Sándor utcai Kórház rendelőintézet és Baleseti Központ (Péterfy) - established in Hungary
-Albert Schweitzer Kórház- Rendeloinezet (Hatvan) - established in Hungary
-Szent Margit Kórház (Margit) - established in Hungary
-Országos Orvosi Rehabilitációs Intézet (National Institute of Medical Rehabilitation) (OORI) - established in Hungary
-LIMACORPORATE SPA (LIMA) - established in Italy
-Universitair Ziekenhuis Gent (UZ Gent) - established in Belgium


The GOV2EU project has been successfully completed

08/03/2019 - The GOV2EU project finished successfully. The main goal of this project was to promote and accelerate the uptake of electronic invoices, mainly in the health sector, according with the requirements of Directive 2014/55/​EU.

B2G e-Invoicing with Public Administrations in Europe (White Paper)

19/02/2018 - The countdown to compulsory use of e-Invoicing in the B2G (Business to Government) scope has begun in the European Union. As of November 27, 2018, member states must comply with European Directive 2014/55.

Follow the GOV2EU project updates through social media

02/04/2019 - The GOV2EU project allowed 15 beneficiary entities, mainly from the health sector, to adopt the EN standard in terms of electronic invoice.

The GOV2EU project is launched to promote eInvoicing in the health sector

EDICOM publication on 11/01/2018 via Wold of Innovation dissemination portal

European public administrations must be able to accept e-Invoices from April 18, 2019

29/10/2018 - For years, Europe has been committed to a technological leap enabled by e-Procurement. Now, Directive 2014/55 / ​​EU officially comes into force on April 18, 2019, and all European public administrations must be able to accept invoices in electronic format from their suppliers.

The “GOV2EU” project is funded by the European Commission to uptake e-invoice

SisConsult publication

Amendment approved for the GOV2EU project

EDICOM publication on 19/02/2019 via Wold of Innovation dissemination portal

The EU-funded initiative Govein launches its second project, GOV2EU

04/10/2017 - The European e-Invoicing initiative Govein has launched its second project called GOV2EU. A kick-off meeting at EDICOM’s headquarters in Valencia on October 3rd, 2017 shows that the implementation of the project is underway.

Why this project?

05/07/2018 - This project is born from the needs to have a e-invoicing system to the Public administrations, under European Laws changing the billing process. To do that, the consortium will solve the whole complexity related to intercommunication and data integration, coordinated by EDICOM, employing the EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform.

GOV2EU open conference

EDICOM publication on 13/03/2019 via Wold of Innovation dissemination portal

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