Hosp&Invoice eInvoicing project has reached the expected results

The HOSP&INVOICE project has implemented an eInvoicing solution for 36 hospitals from Belgium, Austria, Hungary and Italy. Each hospital is now able to receive and process cross-border electronic invoices, complying with the European Standard as mandated by the eInvoicing Directive (2014/55/EU).

EDICOM, who coordinated this project, supported the clients to follow the EU eInvoicing Directive with its B2B Cloud Platform which is aligned with the European Standard (OASIS UBL 2.1 and UN/CEFACT CII). HOSP&INVOICE is one of the pilot projects that  EDICOM has promoted around Europe, with several hospitals, laboratories, and other healthcare providers, as listed below:

HOSP&INVOICE: Public Hospitals from Belgium, Poland, Austria, Hungary and Italy prepared to the eInvoicing European Norm (2017-EU-IA-0146).
GOV2EU: Supporting public entities to adopt EU Standard on electronic invoice for cross-border transactions (2016-EU-IA-0096).
GOVEIN: European eInvoicing Project: implementation of the European electronic invoice within the Public Health area (2015-EU-IA-0058).

HOSP&INVOICE is co-funded by the INEA Agency of the European Commission, through the Connecting Europe Facility Programme in Telecom (CEF Telecom), an instrument designed to facilitate cross-border interaction between public bodies, businesses, and citizens.

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