Hosp & Invoice project has just started!

The Hosp&Invoice project for electronic invoicing started on July 1st, 2018. Hosp&Invoice project has been funded by the Connecting Europe Facility Programme (CEF), with aiming to ease the adoption of the eInvoicing by 36 Public Hospitals: 14 from Italy, 12 from Belgium, 9 from Hungary and 1 from Austria prepared to the eInvoicing European Norm -HOSP&INVOICE implementation. The project with a duration of 13 months (July 01st 2018 – July 31st 2019) and a total budget of more than 1.5 Mill/€ brings together the main entities related to the cross-border exchange of electronic invoices in the Public Health hospitals.

The project consists on the creation of a consortium in the European public health area pursues to support the exchange of electronic invoices implementation connected to EDICOM Platform. These in accordance to the eInvoicing Directive and the interoperability specifications set out on Hospitals participants’ respective contexts.


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